The Western New York waterways provide anglers with tremendously diverse fly-fishing opportunities. From the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, to the expansive Niagara River, to numerous inland lakes, ponds, and streams, the region's resources are abundant. On any given day a fly angler can pursue steelhead and salmon, inland trout, bass, musky, carp, and various panfish. It is a nearly year-round game only limited by a fly angler's energy and imagination.

The Fly-fishing component of the Expo, which was developed by Fly Fishermen for Fly Fishermen, will have a much more prominent role in the Expo for 2023. The Expo will feature a greater fly-fishing presence focusing on education with expert Fly Fishing experts providing seminars including Rick Kustich, Scott Feltrinelli, Lindsay Agness and Nick Pionessa among many others. The show will also feature personal fly-tying classes along with a Fly Fishing School to help introduce new anglers to Fly Fishing.

The greater focus is aimed at filling a void for the Fly Fishing community as there is no show in the geographic area that focuses on fly-fishing. A unique offering for the Fly Fishing community is the Fly-Fishing Social planned for Friday February 17th featuring seminars, tying and casting demonstrations, fly-fishing vendors, movies, along with craft beer and "finger foods".

Fly Fishing Exhibitors

Gear up for the 2022 by grabbing the gear for fishing and fly tying from our Exhibitors at the show.

"Steelhead Stuff will be one of our Fly Fishing Exhibitors"
"See them for your Fly Yting needs"

Fly Fishing Social

Check out this unique offering for the Fly Fishing Community

Fly Fishing Education

"Teaching Fishing" is what this show was built around and what makes it unique from other events of this kind. The show facility - the Conference Center Niagara Falls - provides a unique blend of being able to offer a spacious Exhibitor Event Center for Fishing Exhibitors, as well as a multitude of seminar rooms all utilizing "State of the Art" technology. Utilizing these rooms plus the Hawg Trough will provide Fly Anglers of all levels of expertise the opportunity to learn from local and regional experts very knowledgeable in fly fishing across the region. Over 30 different Fly Fishing sessions are planned over the course of the 4 days of the Show.

Private Fly Tying Classes

Private Fly Tying Classes

New for the 2023 Show will be Private Fly Tying Classes. These classes will be similar to those offered at the major Fly Fishing shows around the country. These will be taught by Nick Pionessa or Rick Kustich who are well known expert Fly Tyers and Fly Fishermen. They will last two hours and are limited to a small number of Students to maximize the learning process for each student. All materials are provided to tie each fly. Attendees need to bring their own vises, tools and battery powered lamps. This class is targeted for students with basic to advanced Fly-Tying skills and is not for "Beginner" Fly Tyers. The cost is $40 to attend and pre-registration is required. NO tickets will be available at the door.

Each class is for the angler who wants to be a serious tyer. More than just learning the mechanics of tying a specific Fly, you will learn about the creatures we are imitating, why we imitate them and how to design the imitations.

Most importantly you will learn from the expert the "When", "Where", "How" and "Why" to catch the most fish with this Fly. These private fly tying session will significantly improve your tying and catching skills in just a short time frame.

**Picture Credit: Justin Ide

Fly Fishing Speakers

Beginner Fly Fishing School

The Greater Niagara Fishing Expo is partnering with the Lake Erie Chapter of Fly Fishers International (LEC-FFI) ,who are aligned with the show's goal of "Teaching Fishing" to the Beginner angler, to help recruitment them into Fly Fishing.

The Beginner School will have a curriculum of a logical series of topics that will provide attendees with the basic knowledge they will need to be successful during the upcoming season. These topics will be taught at a beginner level, by multiple instructors who provide their subject matter expertise ,during the 4+ hour School.

These schools are for everyone, women, men and young adults 12 years and older. The number of attendees will be kept to a maximum of 30 to insure the best learning experience for all attendees.

The attendees will learn the basics from the "ground floor up" including:

1.The gear necessary including rods, reels, line, casting, knots, flies, etc.
2.The fish and their behaviors
3.The techniques to use starting out
4.The "where" locations and "when" timing to be successful
5.Personal safety and conservation of the resource

We feel that this dedicated School will provide a much more effective learning experience for those just starting out. Pre-registration thru the Show web site will be required. There is a nominal fee ($40) that will include a full 4-day pass and a voucher for use on food at the show, among other possible offerings including tackle for goodie bags, door prizes and dis- count vouchers all from our Exhibitors on the floor. For those just starting out, you will be well satisfied with the return on your $40 investment.

The School is scheduled for the morning of Saturday February 18th.

Steelhead Guru Roger Hinchcliff

Steelhead Guru Roger Hinchcliff

Fly Fishing anglers that enjoy chasing Steelhead in the Great Lakes Tribs will want to take in some of Roger's seminars. He is a featured speaker, a popular blogger, rod designer for Lamiglas and the successful author of many published magazine articles. Roger also has several instructional videos on his YouTube Channel, Steelhead Manifesto. Considered an authority on steelhead fishing, Roger loves to share his expertise with other anglers. He speaks to crowds of 60-400 people, at fishing clubs, retail events and consumer shows. He is also a pro staffer and industry consultant for many fishing companies

He does more seminars on salmon and steelhead fishing than any other angler in the country. He has had many requests over the years to come to do Steelhead Seminars in Western New York and we are happy to have him delivering Steelhead seminars throughout the 4 days of our show. He is a great Educator and his presentations promise to provide some great information for all skill levels for everyone to enjoy.