Super Kids Fishing Clinic

Super Kids Fishing Clinic

The Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo is partnering with the DEC and Clubs / Exhibitors at the show who are aligned with the show's goal to introduce future generations of anglers to the sport of fishing by providing a Clinic where upon completion the Adult and their Kid(s) will have enough knowledge to go out on the WNY waterways and safely catch some fish. We strongly believe in "Taking a Kid Fishing" and "Passing on the Knowledge" is critical to sustaining our great fishery for the future generations of anglers.

This Clinic will be a hands on interactive event for Kids ages 7 - 15 years old along with their "Adult Fishing Companion" (Dad, Mom, Friend, etc who will be taking the kid(s) fishing this year). It will have a Teaching Fishing to Kids Curriculum consists of a logical series of stations manned by fishing experts to properly educate each adult and their kids.
The attendees will learn the basics from the "ground floor up" including:

1.The gear necessary including rods, reels, line, casting, knots, baits, etc.
2.The fish and their behaviors
3.The techniques to use starting out
4.The "where" locations and "when" timing to be successful
5.Personal safety and conservation of the resource

The clinic is divided into 8 sessions of 15 minutes each to make the sessions short enough to keep the kids attention while still providing a quality learning experience for them. Most of the sessions will be "Hand On" learning. Up to 4 adult instructors will be teaching / helping out for each session to provide a 4:1 ratio of Kids to Instructors. Free tackle will also be given out to each of the Kids.
The Clinic will be offered twice in Room #3 on Sunday (2/20) at:

1. 9:30 am - 11:30 am Session #1 (up to 80 Kids).
2. 12:00 - 2 pm Session #2 (up to 80 Kids).

Pre-registration online is required in order to control the numbers to provide a quality learning environment for all. Seating is limited and registration will be closed when they are full. The adult that registers can sign up 1 or 2 kids to attend with them. The total registration cost is $10 for the adult only (kids are free) and which includes free admission to the show on Sunday.

Registrations will open in September.

Super Kids Fishing Clinic
1. Sunday 9:30 am - 11:30 am Session #1 (up to 80 Kids).
Morning Signup Here

Super Kids Fishing Clinic
2. Sunday 12:00 - 2 pm Session #2 (up to 80 Kids).
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