Private Fly Tying

Taught By: Steve Yewchuck

Even though Steve grew up on the hallowed water of the catskills if you mention dry fly fishing the first vision he gets is of a massive nocturnal Brown erupting from the depths to take a mouse pattern. Over the years he has spent countless hours at the vice and on the river during the darkest nights doing R&D to perfect the most productive rodent patterns. When he's not mousing he can be found exploring new water looking for trout, smallmouth, pike and walleye. Besides rodent patterns he ties an array of big predator flies and trout bugs. He is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company and an ambassador for a few tying and fishing companies

Steve's mouse and crayfish patterns are beautiful creations and highly effective for a range of species including predatory brown trout and smallmouth bass. Learn the to tie two of Steve's most popular and sought-after patterns that are used to fool trophy fish across North America.

  • Emperor Mouse
  • Steve's Crayfish