The Hawg Trough - a Primary Learning Vehicle to

The Hawg Trough - a Primary Learning Vehicle to "Teach Fishing"

The Hawg Trough based upon the many positive comments from our attendees will be back on the main Event Center floor. The Hawg Trough is a mobile 5,000-gallon fish tank loaded with Bass and equipped with a speaker platform.

The saying "A picture is worth 1000 words" is really true when it comes to the Hawg Trough. Being able to do seminars on it to show how different baits are worked in the water and how fish react to the different presentations will enhance the learning experience. The seminars are delivered by experts in these techniques or with the particular baits. Seminars are not just limited to Bass but cover other areas (Walleye, Lure Tuning, Float Fishing, etc.) where "seeing it" is an effective learning technique. This setting also allows the attendees to interact throughout with the seminar presenter to maximize the learning for each attendee making this an excellent alternative to the traditional education in the classroom. Some seminars actually combine both settings providing attendees with the opportunity to learn in the classroom setting and then go out to the main floor to reinforce the learning by seeing it demonstrated in a fishing environment in the Hawg Trough!

Teaching Fishing to our youth is a big goal of the show. The Hawg Trough plays a big part in this as we feel that using this combined with classroom instruction is the most effective way to deliver this education and furthers our show goal of introducing future generations of anglers to the sport of fishing.
To see the full list of Hawg Trough sessions planned select the "Education" tab on the main menu. During the show, the schedule for the day will be posted in the Hawg Trough area.