Teaching Fishing

Teaching Fishing

"Teaching Fishing" is what this show was built around and what makes it unique from other events of this kind. The show facility - the Niagara Falls Convention Center - provides a unique blend of being able to offer a spacious Exhibitor Event Center, as well as a multitude of seminar rooms all utilizing "State of the Art" technology. Utilizing these rooms plus the Hawg Trough, provides the seating capacity to educate over 1,200 attendees concurrently across 20 locations in the Conference Center, each targeting different topics/levels of expertise. 300 plus hours of "Fishing Education" will be provided spread across over 200 offerings taught by around 80 local and regional experts very knowledgeable in fishing Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and local waterways. Each offering is developed for a specific level of expertise including:

1. Beginner / Casual Level - The angler who is just starting out or who has limited knowledge on the topic. Attending these classes will dramatically shorten the learning curve required to have fishing success and provide the opportunity for attendees to save some "Tackle $$" by purchasing what they really need to get started.

2. Experienced Level - The angler with some experience on the topic who is looking to pick up additional knowledge from more experienced anglers that will enable them to make tweaks to their program to increase their success.

3. Expert / Tournament Angler - The "diehard" angler who is looking to increase their knowledge and skills on the topic by taking "advanced" classes taught by some of the best of the best anglers on the water.

Our previous show offered attendees the opportunity to attend over 200 free classes with the average attendee taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their fishing knowledge by attending over 7 classes during the duration of the Expo. The core belief of the show is that it is making a difference toward the effort to grow the sport of fishing by providing a vast amount of fishing education to our attendees. By providing this education, this show will recruit new anglers, including the next generation, to the sport as well as providing existing anglers the fishing knowledge to increase their enjoyment of the time they spend on the water by being more successful. The education also allows anglers to diversify to include other species and tactics if they so desire.

With over 200 free classes included with the price of show admission (a great deal for the $10 show admission price) along with some more intense Clinics and Schools ( pre-sale tickets are required for these), every attendee should be able to find multiple classes to attend that will improve their fishing skills for this coming fishing season. The curriculum schedule can be viewed by selecting "Education" from the menu at the top that includes Education offerings on the following:

1. Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon
2. Lake Erie & Inland Lake Walleye
3. Lake Erie, Ontario & Inland Lakes Bass
4. Lake Ontario & Erie Tributary Trout
5. Lake Erie & Inland Lakes Perch
6. Marine Electronics & Boat Rigging
7. Kayak Fishing
8. Fly Fishing
9. Casting Techniques
10. Youth Fishing
11. Women Fishing
12. Fisheries Management / General Fishing