DEC Offerings

The DEC will again have a major presence at the 2023 Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo based upon a very positive experience for both attendees and DEC staff at the previous show.

Anglers who fish in New York's Great Lakes and inland waters would like to have more interaction with the decision-makers and the biologists who manage these waterways. The same could be said for those same decision-makers and biologists. They would like to have more interaction with the stakeholders and users of the resources to help the public understand those management practices. They would also like to receive more input from the anglers themselves to help with their management decisions going forward.

The largest offering by the DEC is their unique "Open House" where experts will be manning booths answering questions on at least 7 different aspects of the Bureau of Fisheries all at the same time in the same room for four hours on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Included in this will be stations focusing on Lake Ontario Open Lake and Lake Ontario Tributaries; Lake Erie Open Lake and Tributaries; Niagara River; Great Lakes Fish Production and Stocking; Finger Lakes; Inland Trout Streams; and DEC Law Enforcement. This is a great way to meet, ask your questions and have a discussion with the DEC biologists and managers. This event is open and free to all attendees at the show, no tickets are required, come when you want, ask your questions, voice your concerns and leave when you want. The DEC wants to hear from the Fishing Community, so that they can continue to provide a high quality Fishery in NYS.

DEC will also be participating in the Salmon School, Walleye School and Fly Fishing Socials to discuss management actions and the state of the Great Lakes fisheries. Additionally, the Show will also be partnering with the DEC to put on the Super Kids Fishing Clinic which is so important for the future.
As usual, DEC will continue to operate its popular booth in the main exhibit hall throughout the duration of the Expo. We are proud to be partnering with DEC to continue to enhance the quality of the Fisheries available in NYS both now and in the future. Be sure to take advantage of these innovative educational opportunities.