Roger Hinchcliff

Roger Hinchcliff

As a way of sharing his knowledge, Roger is a featured speaker, a popular blogger, rod designer for Lamiglas and the successful author of many published magazine articles. Roger also has several instructional videos on his YouTube Channel, Steelhead Manifesto.

Considered an authority on steelhead fishing, Roger loves to share his expertise with other anglers. He speaks more than 20 times per year, to crowds of 60-400 people, at fishing clubs and retail events. He is also a pro staffer and consultant for many fishing companies.

He does more seminars on salmon and steelhead fishing than any other angler in the country. He has had many requests over the years to come to do Steelhead Seminars in Western New York and we are happy to have him delivering Steelhead seminars throughout the 3 days of our show. He is a great Educator and his presentations promise to provide some great information for all skill levels for everyone to enjoy.

Roger now spends every weekend-10 months each year-chasing and catching steelhead in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Alaska, the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and Michigan.

Roger's Facebook pages, of the same name, are very popular. His entertainment page-with memes and fish photos-draws around 300,000 visitors each month and has 30,000 followers. His forum page-which is a place to discuss tips, tricks, and tactics, among other topics-has over 27,000 members. His newest Instagram account now has over 21,000 followers.

Roger likes to give back to the sport by volunteering his time to various river cleanups and conservation projects. He is a Michigan Salmon Ambassador for the Michigan Sea Grant Initiative, developed in coordination with the DNRs of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Roger also serves on the Michigan Coldwater Resources Steering Committee, which provides input, advice, and recommendations to the Fisheries Division on issues related to the state's coldwater resources-as well as strategies and goals for managing those resources.

Roger is also a member of Metro-West Steelheaders, serving on its board of directors. In addition, he is a State Director on the M.S.S.F.A Board and a member of Trout Unlimited, Grand Rapids Steelheaders, Traverse City Area Steelheaders, Michigan Fly Fishing Club, Huron River Fishing Association, and the Steelhead Society of British Columbia. He won River Angler of the Year in 2013.