Matthew Swairie

Matthew Swairie


For more then 25 years offshore trolling on the Great Lakes has been a great passion. In the early days we trolled offshore of Toronto for salmon and trout mainly using a pully and weight system. As the fisheries evolved we found ourselves in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron targeting salmonoids. In the early 1980’s the walleye fishery in Lake Erie exploded and more recently in the late 1990’s to date the rainbow and walleye fishing on lake Erie and the salmon fishing on Lake Michigan have become world class.

Tackle has evolved to get your lures deep to the fish preferred temperatures. Until now most methods, aside from the pully and weight system, use drag to pull your line down to depths. Many of these methods have a release to help remove some of the drag when reeling in your line. Last year while fishing on Lake Erie I snapped two pulley and weight system arms. The first incident occurred due to wear and tear, the second was due to an object on the bottom of the lake catching my 10lb weight. When this happened the second time I started to look at alternative fishing methods.
I was using round disk types of divers and had success but there were certain days these types of divers did not produce the results I wanted. I witnessed different methods from weighted line to wire. The one thing noticed was every method caught fish for different reasons.

After many days of fishing, laboriously dragging myself onto a boat day after day (hee hee), the Torpedo Diver was born. The Torpedo Diver combines different dimensions of catching fish into one simple fishing tool. I am very excited about the change this device will bring to troll fishing as we know it, creating a much simpler yet aggressive method of fishing

We are a Canadian based company out of London, Ontario, with a team of Engineers across North America. We appreciate the local support given by the University of Western Ontario, the technical knowledge through local Venders and the Great Lakes Fishing community.

For more then 25 years the Great Lakes have been our fishing playground. We fish because we love relaxing in the great outdoors with friends and family. With the Torpedo Diver, if your child can count, they can set up a fishing rod. Our goal is to keep the fun in fishing for all members of the family!