Lou Borrelli

Lou Borrelli

I have had a passion for fishing since I was a child. My father would take me fishing off the pier in Fair Haven, NY. As I got older, I started fishing with my grandfather on his boat. I remember going out in the lake and watching him reel in fish after fish. He was a very patient angler who loved to catch small mouth bass. I was always amazed at how he knew the right things to do based on the conditions. When he passed away, he gave me his boat as a way of passing on his legacy. It was a 1971 Pipestone Mariner. An old boat yes, but boy did we catch a lot of fish off that thing.

At that time, I was fishing for small mouth bass. I found it a great thrill in hooking and landing a jumping small mouth on very light tackle. I am a firm believer of using light tackle. The lighter the tackle you use, the better chance you have of getting fish. Even when I fish for salmon and trout, I still practice this style of fishing.

As time went on, I used my experiences learned to gather the knowledge of the lake and all the benefits it has to offer. I recreational fished for a number of years. I have had the wonderful opportunity to fish on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. My greatest accomplishment was catching a 7' White Marlin off the coast of Mexico.

It has been many years since my grandfather passed away. However, the things that I experienced with him are etched in my memory forever. To this day, every time I hit the water, I think of him and all that he taught me.
As a father of two, I know the importance of carrying on a tradition to our children. My goal as a licensed USCG charter captain is not only to catch fish, but also share my knowledge to my customers. I hope that you find your experience to be fun, exciting, and a memory that will last forever.

"Good Fishing"

Capt. Lou Borrelli

2011 Sandy Creek S.O. 9th Place
2013 Sandy Creek S.O. 2nd Place
2017 Sandy Creek S.O. 4th Place
2018 Bald Eagle Tournament 4th Place
2018 Sandy Creek S.O. 2nd Place
2020 Sandy Creek S.O 7th Place

Wrote multiple articles for Great Lakes Scuttlebutt mag.

Website: www.gtnfishing.com