Friday Schedule

RoomSeminar NameDayTimeInstructor
Hawg T
"Go To" Bass Baits for new WatersFriday2:00pmJohn Murray
4Fly Fishing Casting TechniquesFriday3:00pmOrvis Staff
5Steelhead Lake Erie StudyFriday3:00pm
James Markham
Precision Trolling to catch more WalleyeFriday3:00pm
Mark Romanack
So you want to get started KayakingFriday3:00pmChristine Baer
Learn to Fly Fish the Lower Niagara River from ShoreFriday3:00pmJustin Damude
How to use Modern Electronics to catch more PerchFriday3:00pmLance Valentine
Structured Fishing Techniques for Lake Erie WalleyeFriday3:00pmRob Oram
First Ice is NiceFriday4:00pmScott Brauer
Center Pinning TechniquesFriday3:00pmMark Sabia
How to rig a Boat for Great Lakes FishingFriday3:00pmKen Jarrett & Paul Greiner
Spring Brown Trout Techniques for the small Boat anglerFriday3:00pmLucas Falkner
18WNY Fly Fishing 101Friday3:00pmDrew Nisbet
Hawg TProper Techniques for Float Fishing RigsFriday3:00pmBlood Run Pro Staff
4New Rod & Reel Combos - CastingFriday4:00pmOkuma
Hawg TRigging Soft Plastics for BassFriday4:00pmBilly McDonald
1Tournament Tactics with the Bass Pros ClinicFriday5:00pmMark Menendez, John Murray
4Centerpin Casting TechniquesFriday5:00pmBlood Run Staff
5Walleye Tracking Study Results - Lake ErieFriday5:00pmJason Robinson
6Harness Trolling Techniques for WalleyeFriday5:00pmRob Oram
7Flipping & Pitching Bass Techniques from a ProFriday5:00pmBrad Knight
8Best Locations to Kayak in WNYFriday5:00pmOren Barris
10Salmon & Steelhead Fly TyingFriday5:00pmAdam Savinski
11Lake Erie Open Water Perch with PlasticsFriday5:00pmScott Brauer
12Deep Water Walleye Bottom Bouncing TechniquesFriday5:00pmJake Romanack
13Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe and utilizing finesse tactics to adapt to an ever changing lakeFriday5:00pmWil Wegman
14Plug fishing for multi species of Trout in the Lower River and mouth of the NiagaraFriday5:00pmMatt Yablonsky
15Sonar Interpretation - Understanding how Sonar works and what you are seeingFriday5:00pmLance Valentine
16Spring Kings "At the Bar" , 2018 RecapFriday5:00pmBob Songin
17Border Crossing Information for the WNY BoaterFriday5:00pmUS Border Protection
18Beginner Fly Tying WorkshopFriday5:00pmBill Trowman & Len Skalski
BT- 129Starcraft Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertFriday5:00pmMark Romanack
Hawg THow to work Soft Plastics for BassFriday5:00pmJK Bass Bunker Pro Staff
BT - 126Ranger Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertFriday6:00pmBilly McDonald
Hawg TPlastics Rigging for Lake Erie BassFriday6:00pmFrank Campbell
5Proper Fish Cleaning & Cooking of Lake Erie WalleyeFriday7:00pmExpert Captain
6Eastern Lake Erie (Dunkirk) Walleye trolling tips and tacticsFriday7:00pmJohn Forbes, Gary Katta
7Tips & Techniques for Buffalo Harbor BassFriday7:00pmScott Callen
8Intro to kayak tournament fishingFriday7:00pmJustin Hausner
10Fly Fishing WNY Waters for Musky with consistencyFriday7:00pmJustin Damude
11All Season Lake Erie Perch TacticsFriday7:00pmJoe Fonzi
12Bottom Bouncing Buffalo End Lake Erie Walleye Roundtable with the ProsFriday7:00pmJim Rores
13Navionics on IceFriday7:00pmJames Vladyka
14Steelhead Fishing Basics For the Salmon RiverFriday7:00pmNick Lange & Mark Sabia
15How to rig a Boat for Great Lakes TrollingFriday7:00pmJerry Snyder
16Integrating Cut Bait into your spread to target big KingsFriday7:00pmMike Lavender
17Boat Insurance - Your Questions AnsweredFriday7:00pmFarmers Insurance
18Ice fishing 101Friday7:00pmMark Targus
BT - 99PolarKraft Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertFriday7:00pmLance Valentine
Hawg TFlipping & Pitching Bass TechniquesFriday7:00pmBrad Knight
Hawg TBass TacticsFriday8:00pmAlex Gauld