Don Ruppert

Capt. Don Ruppert, along with 1st mate Scott Wind; both hailing from Hamburg, NY have over 25 year’s experience fishing for Lake Erie Walleyes. With ever changing conditions through-out the Great Lakes, we (WaveTamer Sportfishing) have stayed very proactive in maintaining and developing new and current fishing styles/techniques. Working on elevated pro-staff programs with many of the top equipment manufactures in the sport fishing industry we have been able to help bring state of the art equipment ideas/designs to the industry and assist many anglers in maximizing their time on the water. We are also a dedicated tournament team as well; averaging 11 events annually. We are extremely proud of our tournament wins, top ten finishes but most importantly our competition and the appreciation for the friendships made on the tournamenttrail. In addition to the competitive portion of our season, we truly enjoy the “open-dock” philosophy of sharing and discussing various techniques, equipment options and set ups with both new and seasoned anglers. We are proud members of the Southtowns Walleye Association and many other groups within the Great Lakes region; and extremely excited of our newly appointed position with the Erie County Fish Advisory Board. In addition to our tournament and charter schedule, we are honored to volunteer as an organizing Captain in the annual charity Cystic Fibrosis Bass Eye event held on Lake Erie every summer.