Darrell Huff

Darrell Huff

Darrell was born and raised in the State of main and grew up with a fishing rod in my hand. In 2002 I moved to Maryland and started fishing the Chesapeake Bay. Soon after that, with all the technology that tells us how deep is the water, mark fish so you know how deep they are...even how far you are from shore and where you are on the face of the earth... I decided there should be a way to know exactly how deep is your lure or bait.

So, I made it a mission to develop a system that does just that. It took a few years to overcome all of the challenges but it eventually lead to the birth of Smart Troll.

I spent the last few years working with several captains on the Great Lakes perfecting the technology to get it to where it is today.

Smart Troll II is a tiny probe that attaches directly to your fishing line near the lure and transmits depth and temperature data to a display on your boat. You can use up to 6 probes all at the same time so you get depth and temperature data for up to six rods at once.

Any probe can be mated with the Smart Troll paddlewheel attachment to get depth, temperature and speed data for that probe. You can use a paddlewheel attachment with multiple probes to get speed data at multiple depths as well.