Jerry Felluca

Jerry Felluca


Jerry Felluca has lived right on the Lake Ontario shoreline his entire life and has fished Lake Ontario for over 40 years. He is a 31 year US Coast Guard licensed captain and was the youngest person on Lake Ontario to a receive license. He is co-owner of website which is Lake Ontario’s largest online website.
He actively participates as a spokesman for anglers on the fishery with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission as an Advisor for Lake Ontario/New York. This also includes other annual meetings on Great Lakes issues.

He is a well-known and successful tournament fisherman with a resume of Pro-Am wins in Oswego, Rochester and Sodus along with a Lake Ontario Pro-Am Lakewide Pro-Am Challenge Cup win. He has first place division wins in ESLO/LOC derbies for lake trout, rainbow trout and salmon. He is a two time Grand Prize winner of the Orleans County Derby. He has won the Niagara County Pro-Am Buffalo Sabres Alumni Fishing Day with the largest Salmon in 2012, 2013 and 2014. He won the 2015 Grand Prize in the Red Cross Tournament (Rochester) and took first place in the 2015 Sandy Creek Shootout (Hamlin,NY). He actively participates in most tournaments around Lake Ontario including the Canadian ones on the north shore.

Felluca is most proud of doing these accomplishments as he is a part time charter captain and a “weekend warrior” like most fisherman on the lake today. He credits fishing against the top Professionals in the tournaments for shortening his learning curve to help him compete successfully over many years. He is always learning and notes that he learned a lot more from losing tournaments than he did when he won. Jerry is looking forward to sharing his experience and knowledge to help Lake Ontario fisherman become more productive in the time they have fishing the lake.

The class is not meant for novices to the Lake Ontario fishery. It is a “hard core” salmon class targeted toward providing the “experienced weekend warrior” with additional insights and details to improve their catch in the limited time they have on the water. In a year of challenging fishing like we just experienced the past two years, this knowledge is often the difference between having a couple of bites or having steady bites throughout the day.