Saturday Schedule

RoomSeminar NameDayTimeInstructor
1Eastern Lake Erie Super Walleye ClinicSaturday10:00 AMJoe Fonzi
5Proper Fish Cleaning & Cooking of Lake Erie WalleyeSaturday10:00 AMExpert Captain
6Fine Tune your Walleye Program by understanding currents and down tempsSaturday10:00 AMJim Skoczylas
7Bass Drop Shot Techniques and Rigging Soft Plastics from a ProSaturday10:00 AMBilly McDonald
8Best Locations to Kayak in WNYSaturday10:00 AMOren Barris
9Bass Tactics for Kids of All AgesSaturday10:00 AMAlex Gauld
10Advanced Nymphing Tactics for SteelheadSaturday10:00 AMChris Finitz
11Perching the Finger Lakes with a ProSaturday10:00 AMCraig Sleeman
12Walleye Jigging Techniques for Lake Erie and Inland LakesSaturday10:00 AMDylan Nussbaum
13Tornament Tactics on IceSaturday10:00 AMScott Brauer
14Float Fishing - The BasicsSaturday10:00 AMRon Molinari
15Using Sonar & GPS to catch more fishSaturday10:00 AMMark McQuown
16Rigging & Running Cut Bait 101Saturday10:00 AMTim Thomas
17Boating Safety - How to rig your boat and react to a crisis on the waterSaturday10:00 AMLance Valentine
18Basic Bass 101Saturday10:00 AMJustin Warriner
Hawg TSpinner Bait Fishing for BassSaturday10:00 AMMark Menendez
4Fly Fishing Casting TechniquesSaturday11:00 AMOrvis Staff
BT-139Robalo Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertSaturday11:00 AMJim Rores
Hawg TFlipping & Pitching Bass TechniquesSaturday11:00 AMBrad Knight
1Fly Fishing for Trout in WNY ClinicSaturday12:00 PMRick Kustich
4Learn to Cast with a Bass ProSaturday12:00 PMJohn Murray
5Q&A with the NYS DEC Fishery ChiefSaturday12:00 PMSteve Hurst
6Small Boat Walleye Fishing Techniques using Inline WeightsSaturday12:00 PMRob Crowe
7Lake Erie Smallmouth Seasonal TacticsSaturday12:00 PMBrad Brodnicki
8Kayak Fishing for Predator FishSaturday12:00 PMJoel Spring
9Fishing 101 for Kids & FamiliesSaturday12:00 PMMike Todd
10Spey Fishing for Salmon & SteelheadSaturday12:00 PMAdam Savinski
11Electronics & Perch RigsSaturday12:00 PMTim Thomas
12Structured Jigging Tactics for WalleyeSaturday12:00 PMMark Romanack
13Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe and utilizing finesse tactics to adapt to an ever changing lakeSaturday12:00 PMWil Wegman
14LICK EM LURE Candy Chain/Soft Bead TutorialSaturday12:00 PMJerry Brydalski
15Advanced GPS - from waypoints to custom mappingSaturday12:00 PMLance Valentine
16"Scratching the Competitive Itch" an intro into Tournament FishingSaturday12:00 PMMark Penner
17Intro to Boater Safety Course & Safety EquipmentSaturday12:00 PMCoast Guard Auxiliary
18Beginners Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon FishingSaturday12:00 PMMike Lavender
BT-114Lund Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertSaturday12:00 PMAnchor Marine Pro
Hawg TBass Tactics for KidsSaturday12:00 PMAlex Gauld
4Centerpin Casting TechniquesSaturday1:00 PMBlood Run Staff
Hawg TRigging Soft Plastics for BassSaturday1:00 PMBilly McDonald
1Bass Tips from the Pros for Young Adults ClinicSaturday2:00 PMMark Menendez
4New Rod & Reel Combos - CastingSaturday2:00 PMDaiwa
5Underwater Cameras - Tips from an expertSaturday2:00 PMBeau Robinson
6The latest Tournament Level Walleye TechniquesSaturday2:00 PMCraig Sleeman
7Breaking down a new Bass Body of Water and "GoTo" baits to use  from a ProSaturday2:00 PMJohn Murray
8Kayak fishing Bass tacticsSaturday2:00 PMJohn Tammaro
9Learn from a 14 Yr old Angler the techniques he uses for consistent catchesSaturday2:00 PMGianni Etopio
10Fly Fishing Big Fish Year Around In Western NY - When, Where & What Species.Saturday2:00 PMScott Feltrinelli
11Advanced Perch JerkingSaturday2:00 PMLance Valentine
12Bottom Bouncing Buffalo End Lake Erie Walleye Roundtable with the ProsSaturday2:00 PMJim Rores &  Joe Fonzi
13Electronics for the IceSaturday2:00 PMTim Thomas
14Lower Niagara Trout & Salmon from ShoreSaturday2:00 PMRicardo Davila
15The Technology for Depth, Temperature & Speed every Angler needs on their boat to be consistently SuccessfulSaturday2:00 PMMark Romanack
16Meat-Rigging Mechanics: Concepts and Advanced Strategies for King Salmon"Saturday2:00 PMRich Mathews
17Boat Insurance - Your Questions AnsweredSaturday2:00 PMFarmers Insurance
18Hands on worrm harnesses tying from a ProSaturday2:00 PMTJ Yetzer
Hawg TProper Techniques for Float Fishing RigsSaturday2:00 PMBlood Run Pro Staff
4New Rod & Reel Combos - CastingSaturday3:00 PMShimano
BT-126Ranger Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertSaturday3:00 PMBilly McDonald
Hawg TPlastics for panfishSaturday3:00 PMMaki Pro Staff
1Tournament Tactics with the Bass Pros ClinicSaturday4:00 PMBrad Knight, Billy McDonald
4Fly Fishing Casting TechniquesSaturday4:00 PMOrvis Staff
5Proper Fish Cleaning & Cooking of Lake ErieWalleyeSaturday4:00 PMExpert Captain
6Crankbait Trolling Techniques for WalleyeSaturday4:00 PMJohn Forbes,  GaryKatta
7Proper Catch & Release Tactics for SmallmouthBassSaturday4:00 PMJoe Fonzi
8How to Rig your Kayak for FishingSaturday4:00 PMRyan Killen
9Walleye Tips from a Pro for Young AdultsSaturday4:00 PMDylan Nussbaum
10Frugal Fly FishingSaturday4:00 PMRon Ziarnowski
12Structure Jigging for Lake Erie WalleyeSaturday4:00 PMLance Valentine
13Rigging PlasticsSaturday4:00 PMScott Brauer
14Float Fishing Techniqies for Lake Ontario Tributaries using JigsSaturday4:00 PMGianni Etopio
15Marine Electronics Installation Q&A with a ProSaturday4:00 PMJeff Bognar
16For the Love of Copper - Put more Kings in your Boat this yearSaturday4:00 PMRob Wescott
17Paddle Craft Safety on the WaterSaturday4:00 PMCoast GuardAuxiliary
18How to tweak your Walleye Program to catch Lake Erie Trophy Lake TroutSaturday4:00 PMJim Steel
BT-129Starcraft Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertSaturday4:00 PMMark Romanack
Hawg THow to work Soft Plastics for BassSaturday4:00 PMJK Bass Bunker Pro Staff
4Fly Fishing Casting TechniquesSaturday5:00 PMScott Feltrinelli
Hawg TProper Techniques for Float Fishing RigsSaturday5:00 PMBlood Run Pro Staff
5How to Maintain & Clean your Fishing ReelsSaturday6:00 PMChris Kempf
6Getting the most from Trolling Sinking Lines for Lake Erie WalleyeSaturday6:00 PMJake Romanack
7Bass Fishing Dock techniques for small lakesSaturday6:00 PMJustin  Warriner
8Kayak Safety - Sharing the waterwaySaturday6:00 PMChristine Baer
9Ice fishing with KidsSaturday6:00 PMDarrell Horton
10WNY Fly Fishing 101Saturday6:00 PMDrew Nisbet
13Ice Safety 101 : What you should know beforehitting the Ice this SeasonSaturday6:00 PMTim Thomas
14Bead Fishing Techniques for SteelheadSaturday6:00 PMMark Sabia
15How to rig a Boat for  Great Lakes TrollingSaturday6:00 PMJerry Snyder
16Fishing the Full Moon for SalmonSaturday6:00 PMMatthew Swaire
17Border Crossing Information for the WNY BoaterSaturday6:00 PMUS Border Protection
18Getting started with Float FishingSaturday6:00 PMRon Molinari
BT-99PolarKraft Fishing Boats - Details from an ExpertSaturday6:00 PMLance Valentine
Hawg T"Go To" Bass Baits for new WatersSaturday6:00 PMJohn Murray
Hawg TPlastics Rigging for Lake Erie BassSaturday7:00 PMFrank Campbell