BOATING / Marine Electronics Series

Rigging your Boat for Walleye & Salmon Fishing

Friday 5:30 PM

Instructor: Jim Steel

How to rig a Boat for Great Lakes Trolling

Saturday 10:00 AM

Instructor: Jerry Snyder

Understanding Modern Marine Electronics

Saturday 12:00 PM

Instructor: Mark McQuown

How to effectively utilize your Humminbird Electronics to catch more Fish

Saturday 4:00 PM

Instructor: Andy Bliss

Boating & Paddle Craft Safety

Saturday 6:00 PM

Instructor: Coast Guard Aux

Understanding Sonar Side & Down Scan

Sunday 10:00 AM

Instructor: Lance Valentine

Boating & Paddle Craft Safety

Sunday 12:00 PM

Instructor: Coast Guard Aux

Looking to purchase a Fishing Boat and Trailer for WNY Waterways? The Key things to consider before your purchase from the Pros!

Sunday 2:00 PM

Instructor: Matt Yablonsky